Clubbism Technology feat. Dalibor-Last Dance (layneeeugene and dannyl remix)

September 2009

Pearlicka Records

Igness-Close Your Eyes (layneeugene’s Eyes Closed Mix)

December 2009

Grooved Music

Fedra-In My Room (layneeugene and dannyl Intrumental Mix)

Fedra-In My Room feat SmokingWolves (layneeugene and dannyl remix)

Fedra-Future is Pussy (layneeugene’s Dark Pussy Mix)

Fedra-Xena_Save the Universe (layneeugene’s Ambient Warrior Mix)

January 2010

Fairspring Records

The Element-Never Again (layneeugene’s Never Say… Mix)

June 2010

Unusual Sound

DALYX-Raindrops (layneeugene Remix)

Dec 2010

Pearlicka Records

DALYX-Everytime (layneeugene Remix)

April 2011

Pearlicka Records

DALYX-Bloodpools of Tears

December 2011

Ocean Drive Records

Vundernug-Nasty Stuff (layneeugene’s Freak Mix)

June 2012

Solar Sound Records

Breakbeat Move Era 2

Release Date: July 2012


Adrisellar-A Morning With You (layneeugene and SmokingWolves Remix)

Release Date: January 2013

Unusual Sound

The Metaphysical, Trev-Ski, layneeugene – Don’t Kill Yourself

Release Date: May 2013

Tecnove Records

Igness-Sonar (layneeugene Remix)

Release TBD

Six and Nine Records

Dennis Price-Crosses (layneeugene and The Metaphysical Remix)

Release Date: TBD

Unusual Sound

layneeugene-Pretty Tribal Minimal feat Sheri

Release Date: TBD

Unusual Sound



Melody Klyman Remix Contest

Runner Up

Vundernug Remix Contest

2nd place

Zenhiser Samples Contest

1st place

Hands of Time Remix Contest

1st Place

Pedro Costa ‘Pie In The Sky’ Remix Contest

Runner Up

John Digweed’s Structures Two Competition


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